Aratos Maritime

Aratos Maritime, was founded in 2020. It aims to deliver and provide an increasing range of value-added products, services and solutions in the fields of maritime industry, focused on bringing the very best in marine operational, technical, analytical skills to clients in the maritime and offshore industry and related business area.





dSample, US Patent App. Nr.: 17942205

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Crane Operator AR Assistance, US Patent App. Nr.: 17895078

Innovative Technologies

Case Studies


Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

A mechanism to data to be backed up into a block system between ship – shipping company – Flag State to preserve credibility of system’s value and instantly accessible in case of an accident.


Fuel Quality Traceability and Assurance *US PATENT

Blockchain-based systems offer an opportunity for improved tracking and traceability of fuel origins and quality by recording on a distributed ledger information and data collected throughout the bunker fuel supply chain.

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Shipment Tracking

Blockchain has been envisioned as a potential solution to address many of the challenges associated with paper or electronic Bills of Lading, by allowing for a decentralized, traceable, and immutable platform to document Bills of Lading, and to make them accessible to relevant parties.


Smart Bills of Lading

Blockchain presents the way in which paperwork could be digitized in the maritime sector, thereby addressing some of the security concerns surrounding the use of IoT and digitization by assisting in tracking of shipments from origin to destination, and recording relevant data in a transparent, yet secure and trustworthy format, accessible to all relevant parties.


Smart Contracts

Digitalization of delivery validation and payment processing in shipping has the potential to reduce inefficiencies, reduce transaction costs, and save time and resources.


Product Data Sheet – Passport

A producer can document product quality, environmental impact, and sustainability improvements distinctive to their products and make it available in a blockchain-based ecosystem. This creates differentiation in a competitive market increasingly looking for transparency and builds added trust in 3rd party validated sustainability claims. A product’s tag system containing a unique digital ID (Passport) with all relevant information could serve that role.


Seafarer Certification System

Digital certification and endorsement process utilizing a digital repository for verified crew documentation, training logs and approval system The certification can include effectively, and all associated documentation required to issuance.


Ship Certificates

A certificate is issued, the data is digitized, and a digital identity is assigned to each certificate. All certificates are tagged and traceable. The original is safely stored in the network of computers in the blockchain, commonly referred to as nodes. The certificate data is in parallel managed in the system.


Oil Record Book

With blockchain technology, all data recorded is both time-stamped and immutable. This means records cannot subsequently be counterfeited, and all data is openly accessible to port authorities.


SOx Scrubber Reporting System

Blockchain could offer immutability in the process as well as, instant reporting to Flag state authorities of emissions compliance to thresholds.


Maintenance Log

Blockchain could offer immutability in the process as well as, instant reporting to Shipping Companies, shore-based supervision and history traceability as deemed compulsory by ISM regulations. A Permit-to-Work system can be incorporated as well, with a strong effect in terms of safety regulations adherence.


Bridge Logbook

By adding blockchain technology, all data recorded is both time-stamped and immutable. This means records cannot subsequently be counterfeited, and all data is openly accessible to port authorities.


Notice to Mariners

By adding blockchain technology, all updates are recorded, time-stamped and immutable. This means records cannot subsequently be counterfeited, safe receipt of shipping operator is guaranteed and awareness is certain.

Research and Development

Aratos Maritime is actively involved in Research & Development Activities and participates in various research-oriented projects funded by the EU or national resources. The main focus of Aratos Maritime R&D activities is to pursue a broad scope of research interests, so as to understand and gain expertise on different subjects, as well as to undertake the development of challenging and innovative projects.

Our Team

Our management team comprises leading maritime & technology experts


Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos - Strategic Advisor

Dr. Nikos Bogonikolos holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics focusing on the application of Artificial Intelligence in the Economy. Ηe is internationally recognized as a leader in innovation and a serial entrepreneur in the fields of information technology, space, defense and security. He has a long experience as an Advisor to the European Commission, the European Parliament as well as to Governments worldwide. He is the owner of many pioneer patents relating to internet technologies, artificial intelligence, and blockchain, both in the E.U. and the U.S.A., and a writer with extensive research and scientific activity in the fields of his expertise.


Manolis Chrysostalis - External Financial Advisor (EU-funding programmes)

Manolis Chrysostalis, has many years of experience in the design, management, monitoring and evaluation of co-financed programs and projects, as well as in the financial and administrative management of Research and Technological Development projects. He has served as Scientific Advisor to Local Government and the wider public sector in matters of Financial Management and Administrative Reorganization, contributing catalytically to the improvement of their performance organizations and to the facilitation of the required changes related to the provision of orientation services to the public. Mr. Chrysostalis holds a degree in Economics, while his postgraduate studies are in Local and Regional Development and Local Government. He is also an accredited Benchmarking Consultant. His extensive experience in dealing with business management issues enables him, through an innovative and critical approach, to effectively analyze, design and implement holistic approaches to improving the performance of an organization.


Prof. Andreas S. Andreou - External Technology Consultant of Aratos Maritime

He is a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics where he directs the Software Engineering & Intelligent Information Systems Research Lab. He has worked in the IT industry for 5 years holding the posts of Programmer-Analyst, Head of the Requirements Analysis & Development dept. and IT Consultant in Banking Systems. He was a member of the faculty of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Cyprus, for 8 years. He served as Software Engineering and IT consultant in several major software projects in Cyprus including the Integrated Software System for the New Nicosia General Hospital, the Cyprus Cultural Portal (Ministry of Education and Culture), as well as software systems supporting the Larnaka Water Board, the Agricultural Research Institute, the University of Cyprus and the Neapolis University in Paphos. He participated in various EU and locally funded projects (e.g. FP7, EUROMED, LEONARDO, H2020, etc.). His research interests include Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems and he has published over 150 papers in international journals and conferences.


Prof. Costas Platicostas - Advisor of Aratos Maritime

Costas Platykostas is an Economist, a graduate of the Department of Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has postgraduate studies in Management (MAIC-1990) and postgraduate studies in Tourism Management (EAP-2007). He was a Professor at the ATEI of Messolonghi (1984-2013). From 2010 to 2015 he was President and CEO of the Patras Port Authority SA. He was General Secretary of the Union of Ports of Greece during the period 2010-2015.


Dimitrios Mantelis

Chief Operations Officer - COO


Ioannis Margaritis

Senior Technical Advisor, Naval Architect & Marine Engineer MSc NTUA


Stelios Mappouras - Head of Software Development Unit

Stelios Mappouras is the Head of Software Development for Aratos Maritime. He was a researcher at the Cyprus University of technology where he currently attends his MSC on Data Science. He holds a BSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the Cyprus University of Technology. His research interests are mainly focused in the area of Software Engineering and Intelligent Information Systems which includes the development of smart systems integrated with cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain and Digital Twins.


George Savva - Software Development Unit

George Savva is a Software Developer for Aratos Maritime. He is currently attending his MSc on Data Science on the Cyprus University of Technology. He is a holder of BSc in Computer Engineering and Informatics from the Cyprus University of Technology where was awarded first class honours. His research interests include the development of Intelligent Information systems integrated with data analytics and blockchain.

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